Clark’s Fish Camp

Clark’s is located at 12903 Hood Landing Rd., in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, Florida. It is an old bait shop and sits above Julington Creek. When we arrived the parking lot was already full and we were told we would have a 25 minute wait. We grabbed a beer and sat outside at the bar waiting for our name to be called. As we waited we watched boats go up and down the creek along with a group of kids fishing from a dock. It was very pretty.

Steve and I waiting for the meat

Eventually our name was called and we were led to a table. The restaurant’s decor is unconventional and is equal parts dive bar and taxidermy shop. The floor has a distinct slant and all around are stuffed wild animals. On our way to our table I saw a variety of birds, mammals and a lion in action bringing down a wildebeest.

Our table overlooked an area of water near a footbridge where kids fed turtles and fish little pellets of food. Watching them excitedly drop the pellets in the water reminded me of going to Marky’s Lobster Pound when I was little and watching people hand feed the seagulls french fries.

The menu at Clark’s was gigantic and featured a variety of seafood, steaks and exotic meats. After looking things over I settled on the kangaroo appetizer and the prime rib.

Mason being adorable

I was interested to see what kangaroo tasted like and was eager to try it when the waitress brought it to our table. It looked like a steak and tasted very good without being gamey. It was very lean and had a beef like flavor with a kick. Steve and Charlotte also tried a piece and liked it too.

After the appetizers were cleared away the prime rib arrived. They were all out of the Jack portion so Steve and I had to settle for the Joan sized portion. Even though we had to settle for the smaller size cut it was still gigantic. Becks had me pose with my hunk of meat for a photo and after admiring it I dug in. I had purposely restricted my eating at the birthday party to save room for our meal at Clark’s and I am glad I did. The prime rib was delicious and I enjoyed each bite. I had the waitress pack up the bone and think Molly and Jackson will enjoy it greatly.

Miraculously I was able to finish off the entire steak and following the meal slipped into a meat coma as Becks drove us back to Monticello. Even though it took 6 years for me to get to Clark’s it was worth the wait!

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: A
Taste: A
Presentation: B+
Service: B+
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $$

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