Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill Splits the Uprights


Working off of Kerry Forest Parkway and living in Monticello means I rarely visit the area around FSU. A couple of day ago while shopping for a new car Becks and I took a break. Instead of grabbing something from a fast food place we headed east on Tennessee Street until we arrived at the place where The Loop used to be. The building looks relatively the same but it has been rechristened the Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill.

We made our way to the front door. A couple of college kids sat outside working on a pitching of beer. When I opened the door the floor was a little sticky and a whiff of stale beer filled my nostrils. It was not a bad thing and was a familiar aroma that I recognized from my 8 years of alcoholic beverage research at UNH, LSE and FSU. The interior was a little dark and the televisions that occupied the walls of the main dining room broadcast a variety of college football games. We sat down in a booth against one wall and a waitress brought us over a couple of menus.

The food was standard bar fare and then some. I flipped it over to check out the offerings which included wings, burgers, sandwiches, man ‘n cheese, and a variety of appetizers. The also advertised a variety of Man vs. Food challenge dishes including one that consisted of 12 burgers. I am not sure how popular they are, but I thought it was nice to have the option of eating until it came out of your nostrils.

We ordered a basket of fried pickles to split while I went for the Bowden Burger. It included two patties, cheese, bacon on a bun and served with fries for only $6.50. We also decided to pretend we were back in college for an hour and ordered a pitcher of beer to split. At $5 it was a steal and after pouring myself a nice glass plastic cup, took a sip. The Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill keeps their lines clean, and there was none of the draft beer funk taste that some places in town are famous for.

Our pickles were out in no time and were served with a spicy ranch dipping sauce. Frying makes everything better and pickles are no exception. They were crispy and the sauce had a nice amount of spice to it. I would have been very happy with just the pickles and beer but my burger showed up a few minutes later. Our server was also great and did a very good job taking care of us.

Some people think thick burgers are the way to go while others prefer thinner one with a higher meat to cheese ratio. The Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill adheres to the latter philosophy with tasty results. It was cooked flawlessly and the cheese flowed out from between the patties. The only negative was that I had to search for the bacon. I was anticipating nice strips but ended up with a small amount of crumbles. A couple of fat strips is the only thing that could have improved my burger.

Overall, the Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill serves up a great burger with cheap beer within walking distance of FSU, and I wish it had been open when I was in law school.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: A
Presentation: C+
Cleanliness: C
Price: $
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