I Heart Tupelo’s Bakery & Cafe

I finally succumbed to the cold the kids have been battling for the past week.  This morning I felt achy and after getting them ready dropped the two little monkeys off at day care.  On the way home I was hungry and Tootie’s voice from Meet Me in St. Louis (Mason’s current favorite movie) popped into my head, “Feed a cold, starve a fever!” I decided to heed her advice and stopped in at Tupelo’s Bakery & Cafe.  The bakery is located on West Washington Street (U.S. 90) just before the court house circle when driving from Tallahassee.

Tupelo’s is one of  my favorite places in Monticello and is run by two fabulous ladies, Kim Davis and Claire Olson.  With its emphasis on organic food Tupelo’s is the kind of restaurant that you would expect in a cool college town.  Amazingly I am lucky to have it in the place I call home and am thankful that they have been dishing up amazing food since 2007.  Kim also bakes amazing birthday cakes and the short drive from Tallahassee is well worth it if a stop at Tupelo’s is on your itinerary.

Before I was responsible for taking the kids to day care each every morning I would pop in a couple of times a weeks for something tasty from the display case.  Sometimes it was a raspberry scone, other times it was a fresh danish filled with ham and spinach while on other mornings it was a pecan pie bar.  Everything was always delicious and I looked forward to the food and my conversations with Kim and Claire.

This morning there was a couple eating breakfast when I rolled in looking rather rough.  The counter at the back of the bakery was empty and I peered around the corner to see if Kim was around.  She came up to the front as I looked over what they had.  There were danishes, pecan bars, quiches, and muffins.  I decided to get a piece of the spinach, tomato and feta quiche, a guava filled danish and a loaf of multi-grain bread.  As I drove home I snagged the danish out of the bag. The pastry was slightly sweet and was nicely complemented by the guava filling.  Delicious.

I had originally planned to warm the quiche up but decided to eat it as it while watching trashy morning television.  The crust was buttery and crisp while the eggs were like velvet.  There was just the right amount of spinach, tomatoes and feta and they complimented the eggs and crust.  It hit the spot and as I finished it I felt a little better.

After getting some work done I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with the multi-grain bread. Before cutting into the bread I flicked it with my finger and was greeted with a nice hollow plunk.  The bread was dense and a pleasant dark brown color.  I sliced two medium sized pieces and filled the center with sharp cheddar cheese.  The bread made a wonderful sandwich and like everything else I have had from Tupelo’s was amazing. After making a great sandwich with the bread I used it for the next couple of days.  In addition to making a great grilled cheese it also went well with ham and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: A
Presentation: B
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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