Solid Sandwiches at Sage

On my way home from work I called in an order to Sage on West Washington Street (U.S. 90) in Monticello, Florida.  Since it opened it has been our favorite place to grab a sandwich or have dinner on their back porch.  The hours used to be pretty regular but after Brian and his wife welcomed baby #2 it was hit or miss whether they were open.  Thankfully when I pulled into the parking lot the chalkboard announced they would soon be open 6 days a week serving lunch and dinner!

I ran inside to pick up our food.  The tables inside were full of people either eating or waiting for their orders.  The kitchen was busy as Brian and 2 other employees cooked, assembled meals and got the food out.  Calling ahead paid off for me as my sandwiches were waiting for me on the sill.  I paid and headed home.

As usual the sandwiches were nicely prepared, pressed and wrapped in white butcher paper.  Becky ordered a 6″ turkey sub while I went for the 12″ buffalo chicken po’ boy.  Mine was nicely seasoned with large strips of chicken breast covered in medium buffalo sauce, smothered in cheese and covered in bleu cheese dressing. My side was fresh orange slices which Mason commandeered one slice at a time until I had none.

The sandwich was very tasty and Sage sandwiches are in another universe when compared to the national chains.  I mentioned to Becky as we ate that a sign inside noted they were rolling out a new menu in early March.  I am very interested to see what new items will be on their menu.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: A
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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One thought on “Solid Sandwiches at Sage

  1. Mason is a smart boy, learning to eat healthy!! He was to feel his best when he finally meets his future wife 🙂 Did Becky tell you that we had made that arrangement!!

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