Posey’s Dockside Cafe

Instead of spending a beautiful North Florida day in Monticello we decided to drive down to the Gulf.  We picked Charlotte on our way down and together with the kids and Becky sandwiched in the back seat headed to Panacea, Florida.

The ride takes you on U.S. 98 through Jefferson and Willkillya Wakulla Counties.  On the way we passed over the St. Marks and Wakulla Rivers.  Panacea itself is a small fishing village located on Dickerson Bay.  Unlike many areas of Florida it has not been blighted by high rises and hordes of tourist.  It is Old Florida and I love it.

I wanted to go to Hook Wreck Harry’s which sit right on the water but forgot where I had to turn.  I made it to Ocklocknee Bay before I pulled a u-turn.  A small sign near U.S. 98 advertised Posey’s Dockside Cafe.  I had never heard of that place and we turned to drive down Rock Landing Road.  Sitting at the end of the dirt road is Hook Wreck Henry’s, Posey’s Dockside Cafe.  The owner of Hook Wreck Henry’s was recently arrested for allegedly stealing $38,000.00 in state tax revenue collected from customers. I guess that due to his current situation he had to sell the restaurant.

Regardless of its new name the place was exactly the same as it had been the last time we were there.   It is one of my favorite places in North Florida to have a beer, relax and look out over the water. We found a table in the sun.  All that stood between us and the water was a small wooden walkway.  In the bay sat a couple of fishing boats and some pelicans.  A bank of fog was on the far side of the bay and slowly made its way over the water.  It was beautiful.

You can have your seafood anyway you like it at Posey’s as long as you don’t want it fried.  Becky and Charlotte ordered the grilled shrimp platter that came with two side while I opted for a pound of steamed shrimp seasoned with Old Bay.  Their meals were around $15 each while mine was about $10.  The food came out fairly quickly.  It was well prepared and unpretentious.  Most importantly, it tasted great.

While we ate and drank a guy played guitar on a small stage.  Julia loved listening to him play and was amazingly well-behaved.  Mason sat in my lap and worked on a basket of french fries. It was a relaxing couple of hours and we all enjoyed  spending the afternoon drinking a few cold beers and eating some great local shrimp

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: A
Taste: B+
Presentation: C
Service: B+
Cleanliness: B
Price: $$

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