Soggy Egg Roll Sinks Ni Hao

My office is surrounded by Chinese restaurants and when lunch time arrived and I decided to head up to Ni Hao on Thomasville Road.  It is located in the same shopping plaza as Miyako and Marco’s Pizza behind CVS and Chik-fil-A. 

The restaurant was standard Chinese restaurant in a stripmall.  A counter was at the back with pictures of various items above.  It was bright, clean and still had a tinge of newness.     

I ordered the chicken and vegetables lunch special and in a few minutes the cashier called me to the front.  Instead of being packed in a styrofoam container my food was in a small aluminum dish with a clear plastic cover.  It was warm and quickly filled my car with a delicious smell.

I grabbed a fork from the kitchen and dug into my lunch.  The vegetables were crisp and the chicken was moist.  It was white meat that had been sliced very thin.  The fried rice was decent and included some peas and carrots.  The food was better than average and I thought that I had discovered a place near my office for my Chinese food fixes. 

That thought lasted until I bit into the egg roll.  When I did grease squirted onto my desk and I almost lost hold of it.  The inside of the roll was tasteless and instead of being crisp it was limp.  Due to the amount of grease flowing from the egg roll I could not finish it, and I ended up tossing it into the garbage in disappointment. 

Some people may think I am being too harsh, but a good egg roll with spicy mustard is one of my small joys in life.  As a result of Ni Hao’s inability to deliver even an average egg roll I will not be back and will continue to search for a decent Chinese restaurant near my office. 

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: C
Taste: C (They lost a full grade due to the egg roll fiasco)
Presentation: C
Service: B
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $

Ni Hao on Urbanspoon

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