A Craving for Fried Chicken and Waffles

A few weeks ago I learned that Tallahassee was home to a fried chicken a waffle truck. I started following the Cravings Truck on Twitter (@Cravingstruck) and waited for them to be in a location where I could visit them during lunch.

This afternoon they were scheduled to be in the parking lot of the FSU Anthropology Building (aka the old Chubby’s) on West Tennessee Street.  I figured I could make it over to the truck, grab my food, and make it back to my office in under an hour.

I arrived a little before noon and made my way to the window.  I was greeted and asked what I wanted to order.  I of course went with the chicken and red velvet waffles for $5 along with an orange Crush in a bottle.  I was told my order would take about 10 minutes and rather than baking in the noon day sun, retreated to the air-conditioned safety of my car.

When I came back I was presented with a paper tray containing a large red waffle covered in a cream cheese glaze.  On top sat three large boneless chicken fingers.  I picked up a chicken finger.  Calling it a chicken finger is kind of an insult since it actually was a huge chunk of white meat chicken.  It was lightly breaded, well seasoned, and juicy.  Delicious.

The red velvet waffles with cream cheese glaze was amazing.  The waffle was not overly sweet and had a slight chocolate flavor that paired well with the glaze. Rather than being chewy, it was nice and fluffy.  When the glaze got onto the chicken it was a good mixture of sweet and savory.  It was better than finger licking good, it was sop every bit of glaze with my chicken good, and  by the time I was done my little paper tray was clean.

I like chicken, I like waffle, but I love the combination of chicken and waffles.  The Cravings Truck adds something new and exciting to the Tallahassee food scene and their food was well worth the drive.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: A
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: B
Price: $

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