Tasty Udon and Slow Service at Kitcho

A couple of months ago I purchased a Groupon to Kitcho that for $5 entitled me to $10 of sushi or other Japanese fare.  It has been sitting in my desk drawer progressively getting more wrinkled until this afternoon when I decided to use it.  I talked my buddy from work into going with me and together we made the rainy drive over to Market Square.  Kitcho is located in the rear of the complex next to Market Seafood and parking at high noon was scarce.  Thankfully we lucked into a spot near one of the speed bumps and made it into the restaurant with dry feet.

As we brushed the rain off the hostess greeted us and brought us to a table on the left side of the restaurant.  The interior of Kitcho was decorated in dark reds with Japanese art on the wall and a large fish tank near the sushi chefs.  When the restaurant filled up it was quite loud.  The interior was lit by lights suspended from the ceiling.  This resulted in some areas being bright while others were dimly lit.  The interior could do with a little updating, but it still was a nice space.

We took our seats and waited for someone to take our drink order.  And waited. And waited.  I am not sure if we were in between two people’s sections, but we did not speak with a server for 10 minutes.  I was getting ready to leave when I caught a server’s eye.  When he arrived at our table he was friendly, brought us over our drinks and took our orders.  I decided to start with two pieces of yellow tail and then have a bowl of udon (thick flour noodles, vegetables and tempura crisps in a Japanese fish broth). My friend skipped the sushi and ordered a bowl of curry udon.

The yellow tail arrived quickly.  The portion size was small and the fish was a bit dry.  I was not impressed and diplomatically offered the second piece to my friend.  He refused my offer of free yellow tail and I ate the second piece.  After the sushi plate was collected I assumed that our food would be out in short order as we both ordered noodle dishes which take minutes to cook.   I was wrong.  We received a few obligatory “your food should be right ups” from the server, but by the time our lunches arrived we had been in the restaurant for 45 minutes.

The udon was served in a larger white bowl on a small cork tray.   It was piping hot and I dove into it with my chop sticks and spoon.  The noodles were plump, the vegetables were fresh and the tempura crisps sublime in the mildly fishy broth.   It was very good udon.  Ever since visiting Japan when I was 15 years old udon has been my favorite Japanese dish, and the flavors brought back a flood of pleasant memories.  By the end of the meal the bowl was drained of its contents and I was ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon.

While I was not pleased with the wait for our food, or the service we initially received the restaurant was clean, and the udon was among the best I have had in Tallahassee.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B-
Taste: A
Presentation: B
Service: D
Cleanliness: A
Price: $$

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3 thoughts on “Tasty Udon and Slow Service at Kitcho

  1. The first time I ever had sushi was from Kitcho, about 14 tears ago. I knew this cute female who served there back in the late 90’s and she introduced me to this Japanese delicacy. From that point on, besides good bbq, sushi tops my list of favorite foods.

    • You cannot go wrong with good bbq and good sushi! I was kind of disappointed with Kitcho’s yellow tail, but in the past their other fish (salmon/tuna etc.) have been pretty good.

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