Chipotle Offers Good Food with a High Portion to Cost Ratio

This afternoon I decided to try Chipotle, a restaurant favored by @KilroyFSU and @saintwarrick, two guys I follow on Twitter.  Chipotle is located on Apalachee Parkway in the same plaza that houses Best Buy, Office Depot and World Market.

The interior of Chipotle is modern.  Light colored wood high top tables are grouped close together with long rectangular fluorecent light boxes suspended over head.  Each side of the table is dotted with four orange colored stools.  Several tables were also sprinkled outside.

I made my way towards the line at the rear of the restaurant where orders are placed. It was the beginning of the lunch rush and a string of tables were littled with scraps of rice and napkins. I wondered why someone was not keeping the place tidy, but soon learned they were all occupied on the burrito assembly line.

After looking at the menu platered over the counter I decided to order a carnitas burrito with rice, black beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream.  A small army of Chipotle employees kicked into action to assemble my order.  To begin a large flour tortilla was placed in a press.  Two scoops of cilantro lime rice were added and black beans were placed on top.  The burrito moved to the next station and a heaping pile of pork and salsa were added. Next up was cheese and sour cream.  By the time it got to the wrapping station the fillings were busting out and ripped the tortialla.  The final guy offered to start over again but I declined, paid the price of admission, and grabbed a soda cup.

Once I filled my cup I selected a table outside and sat.  The burrito sat in a small plastic basket wrapped in aluminum foil.  I picked the burrito up and it was heavy, (small baby heavy).  Unwrapping one end revealed the busted seam and this is where I initiated my attack of its burrito goodness.  The pork had a nice roasted flavor. I tasted a lot of cilantro but no lime. The black beans and salsa worked well with the other ingredients but did not overpower them. I really appreciated that everything was fresh, organc and grown without hormones.

The burrito from Chipotle was good. It offered a huge portion, for a reasonable price, with good flavors.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B
Presentation: C-
Service: A
Cleanliness: C
Price: $

Chipotle on Urbanspoon

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