The Red Elephant Pizza and Grill

A group of co-workers were looking for a safe restaurant that had a little of everything.  We settled on the Red  Elephant Pizza and Grill.  It is located in the same shopping plaza on Kerry Forest Parkway that houses Coosh’s Bayou Rouge and Fuzions Frozen Yogurt.  The exterior is dominated by what else, a large red elephant, and two black awnings. Neat in appearance if not spectacular, it serves its purpose to notify prospective diners of the location of one of Tallahassee’s most family friendly casual restaurants.

We walked in and were greeted by the hostess who immediately seated us in a booth.  The main part of the restaurant is a square with red vinyl upholstered booths neatly lined up.  Oblong pendant lights hang from the ceiling and a flat screen television watches over the space in the back.  On this particular afternoon it was tuned to ESPN with the volume off.  At the back was the kitchen and waiter stations.  Bathrooms were located to the right along with a game room.  On the walls was some cool art of various animals.  It was the middle of the lunch rush and the place was about 80% full.  The majority of patrons appeared to be ladies who lunch with the remainder office schlubs like ourselves.

We looked at our menus and decided to start off with something healthy, loaded cheesy fries topped with bacon.  For my meal I steered clear of the pizza and settled on a mushroom Swiss burger with a side of mixed vegetables.  The fries came out one a large white plastic plate.  They were crispy, covered with a large amount of yellow cheddar cheese and dotted with small pieces of bacon.  As bar food goes they were middle of the road, nothing amazing but not horrible.

My burger arrived on the same white plastic plate.  The burger sat at the bottom with the other half of the bun containing the tomato and lettuce to its left.  In a separate black dish sat the healthiest part of my meal, some mixed vegetables.  After dispensing with the tomato and lettuce I tried the burger.  It was cooked as I had ordered (medium) and was juicy.  The vegetables were a mix of broccoli, carrots and yellow squash. They were lightly steamed and seasoned.  Everything was well prepared and I enjoyed my meal.

My co-workers all found something on the menu to enjoy including the vegetarian member of our party.  Everyone else food was cooked as they ordered. Our waiter was also very enthusiastic.  I do not beleive he ever allowed our drinks to be less than 1/2 full and I appreciated his attentiveness.

The overall vibe of the Red Elephant was one where you could bring your screaming two-year old have a beer out of a plastic mug and order some decent food, or meet up with some friends for lunch, or grab a quick dinner after an FSU game.  It is the utility knife of Tallahassee restaurants doing everything asked of it fairly well in a workmanlike manner.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: C+
Taste: B
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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One thought on “The Red Elephant Pizza and Grill

  1. Definitely the place to go if you have kids. It feels nicer than Pizza Hut but still serves good food and offers a kid-friendly atmosphere. We liked most everything we’ve had but the breadsticks are a waste of money. Momo’s are better.

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