Cerdo en Salsa Verde at Morelia’s

Despite the fact it faces Timberland Road Morelia’s new offical residence carries a Market Street address.  This can be a bit confusing as it is located in the back corner of the same shopping plaza that houses Tasty Pastry and Mike’s Jersey Subs.

Geographical oddities aside, Morelia’s new home feels more upscale than its earlier digs on Thomasville Road near Steinmart.  The foyer is tiled and a large marquee dominates the cream and green colored walls.  Mexican art dots the walls and the tables are clad in cloth table clothes.  The dining room consists of two separate sides.  The left is brightly lit by natural light, while the one to the right is windowless and feels a bit confined.

We were immediately greeted when we walked into the restaurant.  The hostess sat us and another staff member immediately brought us over chips and salsa.  Our waitress appeared moments later and took our drink order while we looked over the menu.

Morelia’s offers the value priced lunch menu expected at Mexican restaurants along side pricier options on the inside of the menu. I could not decide what I wanted so I asked our waitress what she would eat if she could order anything on the menu.  Without hesitation she told me she would order the Cerdo en Salsa Verde.  I nodded and said I would give her recommendation a try.

A few minutes later a large oval white plate arrived partitioned into three sections.  Half the plate was covered by large chunks of pork covered in a green tomatillo sauce while the other half was split between rice and refried beans.  A small stack of warm tortillas were also brought to the table.  I took a bite.  The pork was tender and the tomatillo sauce was spicy.  The rice and beans were adequate but I would have gladly traded both for more pork and tomatillo sauce.  It was world better than any burrito or enchilada I usually order, and I was glad I asked the waitress for a recommendation.

The waitress came over two times while we were eating to see if I was enjoying my meal.  I told her I was and she told me the next time I came in I had to ask for her and she would give me another of her favorites to try.  I am looking forward to returning to Morelia’s and cannot wait to see what other interesting dishes they have in store.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B+
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $$

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