A Fat Boy Meal at Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Recently Five Guys Burgers and Fries opened a new store in Tallahassee located  on Thomasville Road.  It occupies the far left hand side of the plaza in the same complex as  Hobby Lobby and Kiku. Two signs, one on each side the building’s sides, mark its location.  There were two tables underneath the overhang with four more set up on a patio adjacent to the building.  I was meeting Stephen for lunch, and was anxious to met the guy who discovered my blog for WCTV.

It was a bit chilly out and I chatted with a t-shirt clad employee standing outside handing out menus.  She told me it was their first day open, and they were already busy.  She also told me  she could not wait to get back inside and hand-off menu duty to one of her co-workers.  I took a paper menu and looked it over while sitting at a table.  Just like the name says, the restaurant was geared to burgers, fries (of varying sizes), and various hot dogs and sandwiches.  A few moments later Stephen arrived and we ventured inside.

The restaurant was long and narrow.  On the right were  cash registers where orders are placed.  Behind them were the grills and food preparation area.  On the day of our visit a dozen employees swarmed the area dumping fries and fixing burgers.  They looked like ants as they quickly moved amongst one another.  To the left were rows of tables, drink dispensers and additional seating towards the rear.  Huge bags of potatoes separated the two areas.  The restaurant was simply decorated in red, white and black.  Everything was sparkling new and clean.

When it was time to order I decided to go with a cheese burger, fries and a drink.  There are 15 toppings that can be placed on your burger and I went with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and ketchup.  The price of admission with tax was a shade over $11. As I got my debit card out to pay I heard the cashier shout two patties over her shoulder, and I wondered how large of a cheese burger I had ordered.  With our orders placed we grabbed our drink cups.  Five Guys is home to the new Coca-Cola Freestyle fountains that let you pick from over 100 drink combinations.  They had an employee there to help customers out and after figuring out how to get ice it was a breeze to use.  I went all kinds of crazy and filled my cup with cherry-vanilla Coca-Cola.

Getting our food took a little bit of time.  There was no place to wait so people crowded around the ketchup dispensers and potato sacks.  I attributed the wait to opening day jitters, and after 10 minutes or so picked up a grease stained sack.  Stephen’s followed a few moments later, and, together with our bags, we made our way to a small outdoor patio.  I opened my bag and was met with a mountain of golden brown french fries and a hamburger wrapped in simple aluminum foil.  Peeling back the foil revealed a molten mass of meat, cheese, lettuce and other toppings on a poppy seed bun.  This was not a Happy Meal, this was a Fat Boy Meal.

The french fries were hot and nicely salted, but were not very crisp on the outside.  The portion size of fries was huge, and I ended up leaving some of them behind.  The burger was very good.  Thin patties of beef oozed with cheese and I had to use my finger on several occasions to keep its innards from spilling onto the table.  As we ate, a man who was presumably the manager walked around and asked each table if they enjoyed their meal.  I told him everything was good.  He was very pleasant and I thought it was a nice touch, especially on their busy opening day.  Five Guys might be a chain, but it serves up one of the better burgers in Northeast Tallahassee, and by the end of lunch I was stuffed.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B+
Presentation: C+
Service: B
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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3 thoughts on “A Fat Boy Meal at Five Guys Burgers and Fries

  1. On the three or so occasions I have gone to Five Guys, I was reminded of why I said I wouldn’t go back. It’s not that it’s not tasty; no, it’s fine. The burgers are good. But you really only need a junior (one patty) and about half the amount of fries. I asked them last time to just NOT throw that last scoop in the bag because I simply was not going to eat it. But they did. And I ended up giving my leftovers to a table of high school boys. Decent food but it’s more fast food than I wanted or expected.

    • The portion are huge! I did not know they made a one patty burger until I talked to my friend. If I go back, I think I will go for a small burger and split the fries with Becky!

      I am sure those high school boys were happy! 🙂

  2. I have been a mystery shopper at 5 Guys and that extra scoop of fries is a requirement that is supposed to be met. They probably did not want to get caught not doing what is required. I agree, the Jr burger is enough for me too.

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