Feed Your Froyo Beast at Yobe Frozen Yogurt

Yesterday I had a random craving for pork dumplings.  Since my local Winn-Dixie was out of wonton wrappers, I was forced to make egg rolls to appease my stomach.  Today I had a sudden urge for a cup of frozen yogurt, and decided to try Yobe.   It is located on Thomasville Road behind the Dunkin’ Donuts in the same shopping plaza that houses Miyako and Wing Stop.

Outside sat two round tables with black umbrellas.  A small corrugated roof sheltered the door. The exterior was clad in red brick.  Near the top of the building a colorful sign proclaimed the structure as the home of Yobe Frozen Yogurt.

I opened the door and was met by two cheerful employees.  To my immediate left was the cash register, and a variety of toppings laid out behind transparent barriers.  To the right in front of a kiwi green wall was a long white bench and several tables.  A flat screen television hung in the back of the shop over a number of frozen yogurt dispensers. The drop ceiling was painted black, and light was provided by eight funky lanterns.  Large art pieces adorned the walls.  It was a clean, modern, and inviting space.

One of the staff members approached and asked if I wanted a sample.  I tried a thimble sized cup of the red velvet cake and chocolate cake batter.  I grabbed a cup and began assembling my masterpiece.  Since I have a weakness for red colored chocolate flavored desserts, I opted for the red velvet cake yogurt as the foundation of my treat.

With the red velvet cake yogurt in my cup I moved onto the toppings.  Yobe’s ranged from the healthy (fruit) to the not so healthy (candy bars).  I sprinkled some graham crackers on top, followed by melted Nestle Crunch, a few blackberries and a little bit of hot fudge.  As I approached the register I noticed three containers full of small colorful balls called juice poppers.  They were full of fruit flavored liquid, and I opted for some containing mango.

Yobe charges $0.49 an ounce and mine came in a shade under 10 ounces.  A $5 bill was handed over and I took a seat on one of the small white stools.  My creation was not the prettiest looking dessert, but it actually tasted pretty good.  The juice poppers were very interesting and added a sweet burst to the chocolate concoction.  The blackberries were fresh and the only thing I wish I had added was a little whipped cream. Yobe is a worthy addition to the frozen yogurt offerings in Tallahassee, and I will be back.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: A
Taste: A
Presentation: N/A (It’s up to the customer!)
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

Yobe Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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