A Slow Motion Meal at Bright Mornings Cafe

I love going out to breakfast.  A good one can start your day off right and there is something relaxing about sipping a cup of coffee, doing some people watching, and waiting for a tall stack of pancakes.  While over in Fernandina Beach, Florida, we decided to try out Bright Side Morning Cafe.  It is located on 3rd Street in the historic downtown area that oozes with Old Florida charm.  The restaurant is housed in a salmon colored building with additional seating in a small courtyard.  A red, white, and blue restaurant sign hung from a tree and a small menu board advertised its location.  After parking on the side Becky and I made our way inside with the kids in tow.

We apparently beat the morning rush and were immediately seated.  Our table was located inside next to the front window.  The restaurant’s walls were white and dark green.  They were covered with an eclectic array of artwork.  Several other tables of varying sizes filled the dining area.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere and had a cozy feel.

Our waitress came over after we were seated.  I ordered a cup of coffee, while Becky went for a coke, and the kids had juice.  By the time she returned we knew what we wanted for our meal.  Each of us ordered the pancakes.  I opted for a side of sausage while Becky went with bacon.  The kids would be content to pick off our plates.

I expected two orders of pancakes to come out fairly quickly and we kept the kids entertained by playing with some sugar packets and a book we found sitting on the window ledge.  Ten, twenty, and then thirty minutes passed without our pancakes making an appearance.  We asked the waitress where our breakfast was and received a canned answer that we were next in line.  Another couple with three kids at the next table sympathized with us and said they waited almost an hour for their food.

Shortly after forty-five minutes ticked off the clock our breakfast appeared.  The waitress did not apologize for the slow service and merely gave us our plates before walking away.  The two pancakes were served on a large white plate and sprinkled with some powdered sugar. Two sausage patties were next to it.  The pancakes were fluffy with slightly crispy edges.  Plump blueberries were sprinkled throughout each pancake.  They were delicious and the saltiness of the sausage paired well with the sweetness of the berries and the syrup.  Becky enjoyed her pancakes and the kids happily crunched on two slices of bacon and some pancake pieces.

After receiving our check we paid at the cash register.  Again there was no apology for a forty-five minute wait for four pancakes.  I was disappointed. Although the food was good the service left a bad taste in my mouth. Next time we are in Fernandina Beach we will skip breakfast at Bright Mornings Cafe and check out another one of the island’s breakfast spots.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: A
Presentation: B
Service: F
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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6 thoughts on “A Slow Motion Meal at Bright Mornings Cafe

  1. Very interesting. I’m the complete opposite when it comes to breakfast. Normally I’d rather make it. It’s doubly annoying when a place can’t fire out some pancakes or eggs in a reasonable amount of time.

    I always wonder how places with terrible service seem to stay in business for a long time?

  2. When we are in Monticello, I usually cook breakfast. However, sometimes with two kids running around it is nice to have a break! greed.

    Agreed about slinging some pancakes out. Breakfast should be a fairly quick meal and there is no excuse for a 45 minute wait. They either need more help, or a larger griddle.

  3. The Magnolia Cafe in Havana is like that. It is often just one or both of the owners taking the orders and making the food. It’s good, it’s made fresh, but it takes a loooong time. The last time I went there was just my table and 2 other tables. Several minutes after taking our order the owner brought out the food for one of the tables, then stood and chatted with the people for over 5 minutes (I didn’t look down at my watch immediately) and then went back into the kitchen to start the food of the second table. Luckily, they were not pals of his, so when he returned with their breakfast 10 minutes later he didn’t chat with them for another 5+ minutes before starting our breakfast.

    We have breakfast for dinner at home on average once a week, and it’s a really speedy meal to make. At least, it is for me….

    • If you know a place is going to have a long wait going in, then I’m fine with it. Especially if it is a two man show. This was not the case! They had one poor guy cooking on a small griddle. They need to rethink how they get the food out! And I love breakfast for dinner! 🙂

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