2012 TFBA Awards: My Ballot

The winners of the inaugural Tallahassee Food Bloggers Association Awards were recently announced.  As a member of the TFBA, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I decided to post my ballot.  Each member was allowed to vote for up to their top three in each category with each vote carrying a number of points (5 pts/1st, 3 pts/2nd, and 1pt/3rd).  For some categories I was  unable to visit all the nominees before the close of voting.  As a result, several categories are marked with the dreaded “no vote.”  To correct this oversight, I resolve to eat at even a wider swath of restaurants in 2013 than I did in 2012.  I am fairly certain that is one New Year’s resolution I can keep.

Without further adieu, here is my ballot for the 2012 TFBA Awards:

Best Appetizer:

No vote

Best Asian Restaurant:

1st: Tan’s Asian Cafe

Best Bakery:

1st: Treva’s Pastries & Fine Foods
2nd: Au Pesche Mignon

Best Bar:

1st: Leon Pub
2nd: Palace Saloon
3rd: Finnegan’s Wake

Best BBQ:

1st: Mo-Betta BBQ

Best Breakfast:

1st: Canopy Road Cafe

Best Brunch:

1st: Avenue Eat & Drink
2nd: Ray’s Steel City Saloon

Best Cajun Restaurant:

No vote

Best Casual Dining:

1st: Kool Beanz Cafe
2nd: Mozaik
3rd: Ray’s Steel City Saloon

Best Catering:

No vote

Best Cocktail:

1st: Avenue Eat & Drink
2nd: Level 8
3rd: Wine Loft

Best Coffee Shop

1st: Redeye

Best Cuban Restaurant:

1st: Habana’s Boardwalk
2nd: Cuban Grill

Best Deli:

Metro Deli

Best Dessert:

1st: Lofty Pursuits
2nd: Treva’s Pastries & Fine Foods
3rd: Au Pesche Mignon

Best Fine Dining:

1st: Avenue Eat & Drink
2nd: Cluster’s & Hops
3rd: A la Provence

Best Food Truck:

1st: Sir Cheezy
2nd: The Turnover Cafe
3rd: Cravings Truck

Best French Fries:

Voodoo Dog

Best Greek/Mediterranean:

1st: Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe
3rd: Captain Pete’s House of Gyros

Best Hamburger:

1st: Ted’s Montana Grill
2nd: Monk’s
3rd: Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

Best Happy Hour:

No vote

Best Hibachi:

1st: Japanica

Best Hotdog:

1st: Voodoo Dog

Best Indian:

No vote

Best Italian:

1st: Z Bhardi
2nd: Bella Bella
3rd: Riccardo’s

Best Locally Owned:

1st: Kool Beanz Cafe
2nd: Clusters & Hops
3rd: Z Bhardi

Best Lunch:

1st: Tomato Land
3rd: Luna’s Italian Food

Best Mexican

1st: Taqueria La Moreliana
3rd: Morelia’s

Best Outdoor Dining:

1st: Food Glorious Food
2nd: Midtown Filling Station
3rd: Andrew’s

Best Pizza:

1st: Mike’s Stone Baked Pizza
3rd: Decent Pizza

Best Seafood Market:

1st: Mike’s Seafood & Oriental Market

Best Seafood Restaurant:

No vote

Best Southern/Soul/Fried Chicken:

No vote

Best Special Occasion:

1st: Avenue Eat & Drink

Best Sports Bar:

1st: Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill

Best Steakhouse:

1st: Shula’s 347

Best Sushi:

1st: Sakura
2nd: Miyako

Best Thai:

1st: Siam Bistro

Best Wine List:

1st: Clusters & Hops

Best Wings:

1st: 4he 4th Quarter Sportsbar

The winners of the 2012 TFBA Awards were determined based upon the votes of local Tallahassee food bloggers. Those voting in this year’s awards were Cook the Blog; Ermahgerd, Kristoph’s K-Time; Mershed Perderders!; gingermantra; Somewhat Gourmet; Sweet Tea & Bourbon; Tasty Tallahassee; and Two in Tally.

8 thoughts on “2012 TFBA Awards: My Ballot

  1. I’ve lived here for years and haven’t been to a lot of these places! I think I’ll have to make my resolution to eat out more too.

  2. I would’ve voted Voodoo Dog’s fries #1 as well–before they lost they’re potato supplier. The fries they’re using now just aren’t the same as they were when they were HANDS DOWN the best in Tally…

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