Street Chefs

Street Chefs - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Food trucks are hot and Tallahassee is lucky to have a variety of these mobile food entrepreneurs plying our streets.  The Food Truck Court opened at the end of March and sits on the site of a former state office building near the corner of W. Madison and S. Bronough Streets.   It allows up to six food trucks to set up on a crushed stone circular driveway and provide unique lunch options for downtown workers.  Four picnic tables on the patch of lawn provide seat.

One of the regular vendors at the site is the Street Chefs truck which has been on my list to visit since I started following them on Twitter.  Street Chefs’ truck is mac ‘n cheese orange and slate blue with a snazzy logo on the side consisting of a crossed spatula and knife.  Orders are placed at the front door and picked up from the side window.  A menu board hung near the front and I looked over their offerings.  Street Chefs serves up a variety of interesting wraps, sandwiches and desserts.  I decided to go with the MVB which was advertised as a 1/2 pound Angus burger topped with Provolone cheese, sauteed onions, red pepper aioli, spinach, and tomato served on toasted rosemary foccacia bread.

It was an overcast day and there was a light drizzle falling as I waited for my lunch.  The crowd was made up of young professionals but was light due to the impending bad weather.  Sipping my coke at one of the picnic tables I waited for my name to be called.  In a few minutes it was and I retrieved a small white cardboard box containing my sandwich.  Opening the box revealed the MVB cut in half and nestled in wax paper.  A large well done patty covered with a slice of provolone  sat on top of sauteed onions, tomato and spinach.  The red pepper aioli was missing.  I took a bite and was met with a very dry burger. The lack of aioli did not help matters.  While the bread was nicely toasted, and the veggies were fresh, the dryness of the burger ruined the MVB for me.  Also, at $9.00 for just the sandwich I was expecting more.

My friend’s Not Your Daddy’s Cheeseburger garnered a positive review, and lunch was still pleasant due to great company and the cool vibe of the Food Truck Court.  Street Chefs can be found all over Tallahassee, and the best way to keep track of them is by checking out their website or Facebook page.  They can also be contacted at (850) 509-3831.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: A
Taste: D
Presentation: B
Service: C
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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11 thoughts on “Street Chefs

  1. Sorry it was a disappointment. I always skip this truck because nothing on the menu really pulls me in…except for the bacon cinnamon roll. I am curious to try that!

    • It’s okay! Every now and then I have a less than stellar experience. I want to try all of the regular trucks at the Food Truck Court, and this was the first. My next one was Valhalla Grill, and that review will be up tomorrow!

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  3. I can’t wait to go back to Tally & try your food trucks! We have some amazing ones here, too- @JaxTruckies {twitter} keeps everyone abreast of their daily locations. I couldn’t find your handle on twitter… the link in this review linked to the food truck. Help? I’d love to chat w/another N Florida foodie!

    • Hey Allie! I was in Jax again this week and saw two trucks downtown. Sadly, I could not visit them due to my schedule. You can find me on Twitter @mikebonfanti and @sweeteabourbon!

  4. Thanks for visiting our truck. I would like to apologize for the food not meeting your expectations. I’d like to offer another meal to you at no charge to let you sample some of our other items and hopefully we will hit the mark next time.

    I appreciate your honest review of our food and hope you will try us again in the future.

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