Pimm’s Cup

Pimm's Cup - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Tailgating season is upon us! In honor of Florida State’s first home game against Nevada we decided to do a New Orleans themed tailgate.  There was no particular reason to go NOLA for the first game, except it was an excuse to eat muffaletta, Zapp’s chips, and an amazing bread pudding with whiskey sauce.  When I asked my friend from the Crescent City for a signature cocktail to go with our spread her reply was simply “Pimm’s Cup.”

I had no idea what a Pimm’s Cup was, and only a vague familiarity with Pimm’s itself.  I thought it was a red color, but aside from that knew nothing about what lay inside the tall thin tapered bottle.  Some quick research revealed Pimm’s is a trendy pour, and Garden & Gun listed the Pimm’s Cup as one of their go to cocktails for tailgating season in the South.

Recipes for this drink that originated in the United Kingdom were all over the place.  They mixed and matched lemon, orange, cucumber and mint in an endless variety of combinations.  The official website for Pimm’s list a recipe that is made in a pitcher and includes mint, cucumber, orange, and strawberry.  Utterly lost I turned to Twitter and consulted two friends who live in the UK for their recommendation.  The first said pour Pimm’s in a cup and add some ice.  The second gave me some further guidance which led to the following recipe.  After drinking several during our tailgate I can attest to the fact they are delicious and very refreshing.

Pimm's Cup - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

– 2 oz Pimm’s
– 1 oz homemade lemonade
– 2 slices orange
– 2 slice lemon
– 2 cucumber slices
– 6-8 mint leaves
– Club soda

Place fruit, cucumber and mint in a glass. Muddle. Add Pimm’s and lemonade. Top with more ice and club soda. Repeat.

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