Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Que

Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Q - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Before heading to TLC Double C to watch a rare Seminoles home basketball game we stopped at Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Q for dinner.  The kids can be picky eaters, but southern sides and smoked pork usually disappear from their plates without a complaint.

Walking in with two little ones in tow we were greeted by a smiling hostess and led to a large booth on the left side of the restaurant.  The restaurant had a cozy BBQ joint feel with deep red walls, a polished concrete floor and slatted wooden chairs. College basketball played on several flat screen televisions while customers enjoyed their meals. For more on Up In Smoke read the full review on Tallahassee.com.

Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Q - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Q - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: B+
Presentation: A
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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10 thoughts on “Up In Smoke Pit Bar-B-Que

  1. We may have hit them on a bad day, but when we went last year the service was slow, the mac anc cheese cold, the BBQ mediocre. With the diffuculty of the parking lot and an abundance of BBQ restaurants in the area, we haven’t ventured back.

    • I have to admit based on what I read and people I spoke with, I went in with very low expectations. That said I was pleasantly surprised. The pulled pork and ribs were very good. I’d give them another shot.

    • I know Bill, I was skeptical too. I really would like to try their sandwiches. They also have a different lunch special each day which looks like a good value. Let me know if you go, and if you think the 59% mark is off.

  2. Rob and I and 3 others went there after an FSU home game. The crowd was ok, not busy. But the food was AMAZING! All the steaks were perfect, sides were perfect, the service was great. We had zero complaints. We just wished they had more business, hoping they survive. We enjoyed it and will return again.

  3. Hello everyone my name is Brad and I’m the owner and I appreciate the kind words and the favorable review. The other owners and I were happy to see an accurate portrayal of our food and concept and what we hope to achieve. It’s a shame that everyone sets the bar so low for us, but I’m glad you were satisfied with your selections. Perhaps you will be able to relay your experience to some of your colleagues who apparently gave us bad word of mouth reviews to you and let them know you had a nice experience.

    We are aware of our poor Urbanspoon rating, and we tried to take a lot of the feedback and improve our product. We understand that we are not perfect and that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that owners these days fight a losing battle when it comes to managing online reputation. If you are the kind of person who takes an urbanspoon rating to heart when deciding whether or not to try an establishment for the first time, I would feel sorry as there are plenty of places I have eaten over the years that had mediocre ratings that I found to be better then described online. Some places that are worse then the hype they get online. Plain and simple, online reviews are not always the most accurate way to determine whether or not a business is worth coming to, it’s your taste buds and your own experiences. But it’s also been a helpful tool in being able to communicate with dissatisfied customers and being able to correct problems.

    In addition, we have also spoken to ex employees of local owned competition who have given us concrete evidence of how their employers offered incentives to them for posting unfavorable reviews of our establishment out of the gate when we first opened up in order to slander our name. I will not name the establishment but will say that in the industry this is not uncommon nowadays. There are algorithms in the programming of these review sites that detect for fake reviews but they can’t catch them all. And unfortunately it takes a lot of time and begging of customers to write good reviews to get you to what would be an ‘acceptable’ rating level. All of our other stores have reviews in the 80-90 percent which makes me feel good I guess but just makes me feel even more that our low rating is in even more of a scam. I mean, in the same tier as like Hardee’s and sonic? C’mon.

    We took an industry course recently discussing restaurant trends with social media and learned that 80 percent of the time a person goes to an online review it is with the intention of writing something negative. There is just not much you can do. We feel our time is better spent improving our product service and word of mouth because that’s what has given us success in our other restaurants.

    Some of our poor reviews were valid and We turned serious attention to them. I feel that we have improved dramatically in areas of service and in the kitchen. BBQ is tricky and one of the most critiqued cooking styles in existence. That’s why I applaud all of our colleagues, Brian @ piggysbbq, the sweet rack gang and everyone else in the biz that we are friends with who all share their bad customers reviews and experiences with me too to let us know “hey they aren’t picking on you guys, there are a LOT of haters out there when it comes to this particular cuisine”

    Laura, my apologies on your bad experience, but as you said you visited last year, when we had some fluctuation with front of house and back of house staff and management and were adjusting accordingly. I would like to treat you to maybe a sandwich or something just to get you back in and try us out again. People can make all sorts of adjustments in a whole month let alone a whole year. We have a great team now and I know you would have a better experience. I hope that you will find it in your heart to give us another go around. EVERYONE has parking issues in Tallahassee. As the city continues to grow at an incredible rate and traffic influx continues, you better get ready for more issues.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read, and Mike thank you for your kind words. We hope to see all of you soon for a meal and thank you as always for eating locally.

    Brad Buckenheimer

    • We’ll put it on our todo list to try again. We’ve actually started walking a lot more, and may just walk there this time and avoid parking all together. 🙂

    • Brad, It’s nice to see how much you care about your business and that you’re trying to make improvements. I have tried your restaurant twice with unfavorable results. The biggest shortcoming being the brisket. It was very dry both times. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in but I may give it another shot in the future. Finding a consistent bbq restaurant is very difficult, especially in Tallahassee. Sweet Rack has the best ribs, Piggy’s the best brisket. Haven’t found excellent pulled pork yet. Best of luck.

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