2013 TFBA Awards: My Ballot

Best Appetizer

The winners of the 2013 Tallahassee Food Bloggers Association Awards were recently announced here and here.  As a member of the TFBA, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I decided to post my ballot.  Each member voted for their top pick in each category.  The winner was selected by whichever restaurant got the most votes.  Ties were broken using a caucus system over good food and drinks at Side Car.  Without further adieu, here is my ballot for the 2013 TFBA Awards:

Best Appetizer:

No vote

Best Asian Restaurant:

China Delight

Best Bakery:

Au Peche Mignon

Best Bar:

Madison Social

Best BBQ:

Mo-Betta’s BBQ

Best Breakfast:

Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen

Best Brunch:

No vote

Best Cajun Restaurant:

Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen

Best Casual Dining:

Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

Best Cocktail:


Best Coffee Shop

Atomic Coffee

Best Cuban Restaurant:

Habana’s Boardwalk

Best Deli:

No vote

Best Dessert:

No vote

Best Fine Dining:

Liam’s of Thomasville

Best Food Truck:

Taqueria La Morelina

Best Greek/Mediterranean:

Little Athens Gyro

Best Hamburger:

Woodchuck’s Cafe

Best Hotdog:

Voodoo Dog

Best Japanese:


Best Indian:

No Vote

Best Italian:

Bella Bella

Best Locally Owned:

Miccosukee Root Cellar

Best Lunch:

Tomato Land

Best Mexican

La Tiendita

Best Outdoor Dining:

Food Glorious Food

Best Pizza:

Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

Best Seafood Market:

Mike’s Seafood & Oriental Market

Best Seafood Restaurant:

Shell Oyster Bar

Best Southern/Soul/Fried Chicken:

No vote

Best Special Occasion:

Liam’s of Thomasville

Best Sports Bar:

Madison Social

Best Steakhouse:

Shula’s 347

Best Thai:

Thai Place

Best Wine List:

Clusters & Hops

Best Wings:

No vote

The winners of each category were determined based upon the votes of local Tallahassee food bloggers. Those voting in this year’s awards were CitronZest; Cook the Blog; Ermahgerd, Mershed Perderders!; gingermantra; Kristoph’s K-Time; Sweet Tea & Bourbon, Two in Tally; and What’s Cooking Tallahassee.

2 thoughts on “2013 TFBA Awards: My Ballot

  1. Mike, enjoyed reading your choices.  Not as an argument, but an opposing opinion…I have eaten at Liam’s several times and never yet had a pleasant experience. Exceedingly noisy and a studied indifference to customers.  My wife once asked to substitute a vegetable from one dish to another and was flatly told that was impossible.  I don’t think that an unusual or difficult request.  Same night my scallops were 4 quarter sized ones and priced very high.  I would not go back even it were free.

    I’d prefer Provence or Mozaik.

    If you like Indian, try the place where the Catfish Pad used to be….it is always packed with Indians, a pretty good sign.

    And we don’t have a great steakhouse in town ( if it were it would be at my house:  prime dry aged beef, while Shula’s serves USDA choice wet aged. )  Shula’s does, however have the best appetizer in town:  crabcakes.

    Oh well, one man’s vichyssoi se is another man’s cold potato soup.      

    Happy new year!  Always enjoy your columns, (even when you are wrong!!)  Take care.

    John Clark

    • John,

      Thank you for your comment! I always appreciate your opinion.

      Is the Indian place Mayuri? I have heard good things about it and really need to pay them a visit in 2014.

      I agree about a steakhouse. We do not have one that is truly deserving of the title, but Shula’s 347 is the best of what we have.

      Our largest disagreement is Liam’s. I always have a good meal there and have found service to be top notch.

      Have a Happy New Year my friend!

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