Taco Bell

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Reports of the Taco Bell serving breakfast started permeating the internet, and the buzz was when Tallahassee’s fine citizens would be able to sample their breakfast menu. When Yum! Brands chain began dishing up their southwest inspired concoction in the Capital City’s six Taco Bell locations, I knew I had to pay the purveyors of America’s favorite 88% beef tacos a visit.

My target was the mysteriously alluring Waffle Taco. Girding my stomach I pulled into the restaurant nearest to my office located at 3839 Capital Circle NE.  It was a few minutes before 9:45 am and the parking lot was deserted.  A row of several cars wrapped around the festively colored building.  I strolled through the glass door and into a bright and clean interior. Oranges, purples, and beige dominated.  High top tables occupied the center and were illuminated by long pendant light fixtures.  Booths lined the walls. Towards the front the counter was located under a large menu board displaying Taco Bell’s offerings.  Drink and salsa stations completed the interior.

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Approaching the counter I was cheerily greeted by Jesus.  He asked me what I wanted and I put an order in for their new Waffle Taco filled with sausage, eggs, and cheese.  Being a big spender, I went for the meal which came with a hash brown and a medium cup of coffee.  I stood at the counter watching the Taco Bell workers quickly assemble meals, bag them, and deliver to customers.  Mine was slid across the counter in mere minutes and I quietly wondering if what was in the box would live up to the hype.

The Waffle Taco was contained in a cardboard box.  The hash brown occupied a small paper sleeve.  I opened the box and was greeted by a breakfast taco assembled with a shotgun.  Eggs tumbled off the taco as if trying to escape.  Melted cheese was slathered in every which way, mostly onto the side of the waffle. Grease from the sausage dripped onto the other layers, commingled and ultimately pooled at the bottom.

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

I picked the Waffle Taco up in my hand and felt a warm drizzle of grease slide down my palm. Squeezing the taco, I took a bite.  The lukewarm waffle combined with the microwaved eggs and sausage patty made for a less than ideal taste experience.  The eggs were the worst and resembled the chemical filled crumbly eggs found in the Great Start breakfasts of my youth. Adding syrup to the concoction only made things worse.  Cheddar cheese and caramel colored water are not meant for each other.  I moved the syrup to the side and proceeded to eat the remaining portion of the Waffle Taco while shuddering at the thought of actually trying to eat this while driving.

The hash brown that accompanied the Waffle Taco was served hot and salty.  The coffee when augmented with some sugar and cream was drinkable.  On the side of the cup I noticed that 30% of the beans used to brew my cup of joe were fair trade certified.  I savored the coffee and felt slight bad for the 70 percent of growers who were getting the price shaft by Big Taco for the beans they sold .

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

The Waffle Taco was a letdown, but the service at this particular Taco Bell was top notch.  Taco Bell can be found online at tacobell.com, Facebook, and @TacoBell on Twitter.  The Capital Circle NE store can also be contacted at (850) 893-9328.  The store is open Sunday – Thursday 7 to 1 am, and Friday and Saturday from 7 – 2 am.

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Taco Bell - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Mike Bonfanti Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating
Atmosphere: B
Taste: C-
Presentation: D
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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