Key Lime Amaretto Sour

Key Lime Amaretto Sour - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

I have a tendency to procrastinate.  This month’s Mixology Monday posts is a prime example of how I pushed something off until the last minute and then panicked.  I browsed this month’s theme, nuts, hosted by Stir and Strain a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing aside from Nutella hit my brain and I decided to give the subject some time to marinate.  Last week I revisited the post and decided this months recipe could wait a little longer, and promptly did not give this nutty assignment another thought.

This morning while sipping a cup of tea a little voice inside my head whispered. “It’s Mixology Monday jackass. What are you going to make?” Dammit, dammit, dammit.  My day was packed, I had no time to go shopping for ingredients or make an exotic tincture of Brazil nuts and organic herbs.  I was doomed.

As the clock struck 5 o’clock I ran up to the liquor store to buy a bottle of Disarrano Amaretto. With the base ingredient secured the first thought to cross my mind was to grab a bottle of 100 proof Southern Comfort and mix up the favorite drink of my 81 year-old Nana (1/2 SoCo, 1/2 Amaretto, ice, repeat as necessary.)  Instead, I decided to make a Key Lime Amaretto Sour. I realize making an Amaretto Sour is like writing a research paper based entirely on Wikipedia entries. But it turns out this simple drink is delicious and as a bonus incorporates my home state’s favorite tiny green citrus fruit.

So grab a bag of the key limes, a bottle of your favorite almond flavored liquor, and escape to the Sunshine State (plastic pink flamingos optional.)

Key Lime Amaretto Sour:
– 1 oz. key lime juice
– 1/2 oz. simple syrup
– 1 1/2 oz. Amaretto

Fill tall glass with ice.  Add key lime juice, simple syrup, and Amaretto.  Stir and garnish with a key lime.

This cocktail is very refreshing.  It opens with the tartness of the key limes, moves onto a slightly sweet note, and ends with an almond finish. Delicious! For more great nut-inspired recipes, check out this month’s round-up post.


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