Pinocchio Village Haus


 The kids were hungry after a morning full of rides, and before leaving Fantasyland we stopped for a quick bit to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus.  It is a fast service establishments housed in an Alpine themed building.  Geppetto’s famous wooden boy stood above the doorway, and colorful flowers filled the window boxes.

Making our way into the restaurant I sent Becky and the kids to find a table while I headed to the line.  Orders are placed at one of the numerous cash registers lining a gallery area of the restaurant.  I looked over the menu and feared a lunch of below average theme park fare.  Reluctantly I ordered the Caprese Flatbread, a meatball sub, and two chicken finger meals for the kids.  After paying, the food was picked up at a counter behind the cashier.


Pinnochio’s has several dining areas including a large outside patio.  The air conditioned interior rooms were packed. Amazingly, Becky was able to grab a table in a small room that overlooked the loading area of It’s a Small World.  The tables were heavy wooden Bavarian themed with carved figures on the backs of the chairs.  Miss Julia was very excited because each of ours had a flower.

Eight tomato slices were were covered with melted mozzarella cheese and topped with a drizzle of balsamic reduction and dusted with chopped basil.  The flatbread was crisp and the familiar flavors of a Caprese salad paired well with one another.  The tomatoes and basil were fresh, and the cheese was nicely melted.  The balsamic drizzle was a nice mixture of tangy and sweet.


Becky let me try one of the meatballs in her sub and it was pretty good, though the sandwich looked like it needed more sauce.  Miss Julia and Mason both enjoyed their chicken finger meals which came with a side of seasoned French fries.

I was pleasantly surprised by our meal at Pinocchio’s.  Rather than a flavorless theme park pizza, the flatbread used fresh ingredients and was a great midday snack.  It also should be noted the Disney crew also kept the restaurant spotless despite being packed with diners.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B+
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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