Food is Love

Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Over the past eight months, the number and frequency of my restaurant reviews has slowed.  Weeks sometimes passed between write-ups for the local newspaper, and my out of town posts tapered off.  I know some of you have been concerned that perhaps this drop was due to illness, or even waning interest. I have not posted on what was going on previously, but I can now tell you, my readers, that the slow down in reviews was caused by the emotional turmoil I have been in while going through my divorce.  I have not made public comments about what has been happening, out of respect for my family’s privacy, but as a settlement agreement was finally reached, I felt that my loyal readers deserved an explanation.

Food has played a large role in helping me cope with the upheavals of life.  Breakfasts with the kids, lunch with co-workers, and home cooked dinners have offered a chance to spend time with family and friends who have been amazingly supportive and understanding of the wide range of emotions brought about by divorce. I could not have made it through these past months without all the love and kind words of encouragement.

Unexpectedly, I was blessed when an eight year friendship turned into something more. What started as an afternoon cup of coffee, lunch at a local burger hotspot, and dinners with friends, has become a wonderful relationship that has brought healing to my life. I discovered she is passionate about food, has a deep love of side dishes (bordering on obsession), is willing to search hours for the perfect pint of ice cream, can cook a steak to perfection, and possesses an alleged seafood allergy that I can neither confirm nor deny.

She respects and supports my passion for food blogging, taking pictures of every dish, and tracking down hidden out of the way gems.  In the coming days her name will begin to appear in my reviews, and I look forward to sharing our adventures with you all.

6 thoughts on “Food is Love

  1. Been thinking of you during this process and glad to read this and hear you’re on the other side of the turmoil. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and wish you the best with this next chapter in your life. =)

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