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Tasty Asian

Tasty Asian

A sign announced a new restaurant on Thomasville Road in the plaza across from the new organic grocery store. On my way back from downtown I decided to give it a try. Continue reading

Sushi at Sakura

Sushi at Sakura

I met my friend Bill for lunch and we decided to grab some sushi at Sakura.  The restaurant is located on North Monroe Street a short distance from Lake Ella and  dominates the lower level of a two story plaza.  Large red letters face the parking lot while red lanterns painted with Japanese characters hang … Continue reading

Bowl of Pho Serves Un-Phogettable Pho

Until about a year ago my experience with pho consisted of watching Anthony Bourdain slurp a bowl full of beef part-filled broth on the Travel Channel.  It looked delicious, and I tried to make some myself.  The results were mediocre at best.  After having my first proper bowl of pho in Tallahassee whenever I travel … Continue reading

Tasty Udon and Slow Service at Kitcho

A couple of months ago I purchased a Groupon to Kitcho that for $5 entitled me to $10 of sushi or other Japanese fare.  It has been sitting in my desk drawer progressively getting more wrinkled until this afternoon when I decided to use it.  I talked my buddy from work into going with me … Continue reading

Photastic Fare at Fareast Cuisine

I love pho.  The mix of spiciness with the noodles and bite from the cilantro is something I really enjoy.  I have been looking for a place in Tallahassee that offers up this Vietnamese staple and discovered Fareast Cuisine.  The restaurant is located in the same shopping plaza on Thomasville Road as TJ-Maxx.  Navigating Tallahassee’s … Continue reading

Genghis Grill Lights My Fire

My friend invited me to lunch this afternoon and suggested we try a place we had not been to yet, Genghis Grill. I had noticed it a few weeks ago in the spot on Apalachee Parkway that Bennigan’s used to occupy. I had heard some good things about Genghis Grill and was eager to give … Continue reading