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Coosh’s Bayou Rouge

Coosh’s Bayou Rouge

Since Coosh’s Bayou Rouge relocated from Kerry Forest Parkway I have wanted to visit its new location. As lunch time approached Joe and I ventured to the Cajun spot Continue reading

Chompers of Fanning Springs

I pulled out of my grandparent’s driveway and by the time I filled the gas tank little man was out in the back seat.  He slept until we reached Cross City, Florida.  By the time we hit Fanning Springs he was hungry and asked for something to eat.  I asked him what he wanted and … Continue reading

Slow Service at Po’ Boys Creole Cafe

I decided to head down Thomasville Road for lunch and grab a sandwich at Po’ Boys Creole Cafe.  I arrived a little before noon and found a table.  The waitress came over to grab my drink order and I decided to get some fried pickles.  While I waited for the pickles to arrive the restaurant … Continue reading