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Tasty Udon and Slow Service at Kitcho

A couple of months ago I purchased a Groupon to Kitcho that for $5 entitled me to $10 of sushi or other Japanese fare.  It has been sitting in my desk drawer progressively getting more wrinkled until this afternoon when I decided to use it.  I talked my buddy from work into going with me … Continue reading

Lunch at Kiku

As lunchtime approached the thought of eating the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had packed did not appeal to me. Instead I decided to check out Kiku with Becks. Parking was already at a premium when we arrived and as we made our way towards the door I hoped that my meal would be … Continue reading

Mighty Fine Sushi at Miyako

My friend Tom has raved about a little sushi place located off of Thomasville Road, and this afternoon we made our way up to Miyako for lunch. Tom offered to drive and as we headed up Meridian I was looking forward to trying a new restaurant. Miyako sits in a new shopping plaza that faces … Continue reading

Japanica Satisfies a Craving for Japanese

When we got out of church I was planning to head back to Monticello to help Steve move a washer and dryer off of his trailer and into my shed. However, as we drove down Veteran’s Memorial Parkway toward U.S. 90 Becks said that she had been craving hibachi since Thursday and really wanted Japanese … Continue reading