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Basil Thai and Sushi

Basil Thai and Sushi

Recently I was in Jacksonville on business. The hotel had a great view of downtown, and after getting settled in I walked to Basil Thai & Sushi for dinner Continue reading

Thai Bangkok

Thai Bangkok

I am unfamiliar with Orange Park and recently found myself on Wells Road looking for an onramp to I-10. The road was packed with people on their lunch break and I managed to hit every red light. Continue reading

Gai Pad Prig at the Royal Orchid

My last attempt at finding a local restaurant in Ocala, Florida, was a disaster.  Passing several national chains I made my way along SW College Road in search of the Royal Orchid.  I heard it had some very good food and hoped the praise was warranted.  Driving towards Ocala the restaurant was on the left … Continue reading

A Delicious Red Curry at Siam Bistro

Siam Bistro, the sister restaurant to Siam Sushi, is located on on Thomasville Road between the Goodwill Store and Market Square Liquors.  Heading north the shopping plaza is the last one on the left side of the road before Chiles High School.  If you miss the plaza, and drive another eight miles you end up … Continue reading

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

When I moved to Tallahassee I lived on Bellevue Way in a pink house.  If I was hungry, and did not feel like visiting Club Pub, I would hit one of the many restaurants in the area.  Since graduating in 2005 my trips to this part of town have been limited.  However, a volunteer opportunity brought me back … Continue reading

Pad Kee Mao at Lan Xang

The sign above the door of the newest restaurant on Kerry Forrest Parkway appeared to have been spray painted on plywood.  The black letters on the neon green background declared the establishment’s name was Lan Xang, and as I opened the glass door I was looking forward to trying one of their Thai dishes. The … Continue reading

Tasty Thai at Thai Town

This morning I was in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida for work. I finished the deposition and went to get some lunch before making the 3+ hour drive back to Tallahassee. I checked out some local restaurant reviews and decided to try Thai Town. It was a five-minute drive from the court reporter’s office and I … Continue reading