Coosh’s Bayou Rouge Offers Up Great Food and Great Service

Get you some

My new coworkers invited me out to lunch. I had been working off of Kerry Forest Parkway for a little over a week I had no idea which places were the ones to eat at and which were the ones to be avoided. They asked if I liked Cajun food and as soon as I said yes they suggested we try Coosh’s Bayou Rogue.

Coosh’s is located in the shopping center located on the right hand side of Kerry Forest Parkway when you are headed east. It is located near the back between a Mongolian grill and the Red Elephant. Upon arriving Joe told us that we needed to know what we were going to order before entering. Betsy, Joe and I stood in front of the menu looking over all of the options. Joe settled on a salad while Besty and I could not decide between the po’boys, gumbo, or etoufee.

Mired in indecision a man with a huge smile on his face poked his head through the door. “Don’t let her talk y’all out of eating here. The food’s pretty good!” he said. I assured the man, who later turned out to be Coosh himself, that we were not leaving, but could not make up our minds. He told us that was not a problem and that if we came inside he would help us out.

Coosh’s is decorated as you would expect any self-respecting Cajun eatery. LSU paraphernalia line the walls along with assorted items from Mardi Gras of the past. It is dimly lit with a couple of televisions on the walls. Booths line two walls with a series of tables occupying the middle. At the back is the counter where you place your order and it offers tantalizing views into the kitchen. A small hall is on the left where a large refrigerated case sits that held some of the best looking banana pudding I have ever seen.

A man of his word Coosh suggested that I try the Cajun sampler. I told him to pick out the three items he thought were the best and when it arrived at my table I was ready to dig in. Sitting in the bowls were crawfish etoufee, jambalaya, and chicken and sausage gumbo. He also threw into two smaller servings of their red beans and rice and seafood gumbo. The food was excellent and I cleaned my plate down to the last bit of gumbo. My favorite was the crawfish etoufee and I think next time I head to Coosh’s I will get a large bowl of it along with some bread to sop up the goodness.

I am very happy to have discovered such a great place to eat so close to my office. The food was great and the service was some of the best in Tallahassee. Coosh’s Bayou Rouge is a place anyone who loves Cajun cuisine in the Capital area needs to check out.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: B+
Presentation: B+
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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